Behind the scenes

Up until recently, home furnishers have been presented with two bad options – spend more on nice pieces you may not keep forever, or buy cheaper fast furniture [link about fast furniture] that disintegrates on disassembly.

Enter Oliver: the anti-fast furniture. We’re demonstrating that well-made products don’t need to cost a fortune, and ensure you don’t have to question quality when shopping.

Our sourcing principles

Work with best in class

We’ve chosen top tier players in the home furnishing industry that supply many other well-known brands. Before selecting our manufacturers, we meet with them in person to understand more about the details behind their process, materials, and designs. Our relationship doesn’t stop there – throughout the process, we stay in close touch with our manufacturers to review fabric and color options, and ask their expert advice on construction and materials.

Build pieces to last

We’re invested in building our furniture to hold up to the test of time and use. Here are some factors we pay special attention to:

  • Durability of materials – For the structure of a piece, we stay away from materials and designs that don’t hold up to travel, reassembly, or changing temperature and humidity.

  • Fabric feels – Every upholstered piece involves an in-depth conversation over multiple rounds of swatches. We prioritize touch and feel above all, but gravitate towards synthetic fabrics that retain their color and texture with use and are easy to clean.

  • Cushion comfort – We test out every sofa and chair, and specify cushion fill to maximize comfort and hold a shape over time.

  • Breadth of style – Across our catalog, we try to strike the right balance between bold and adventurous statement pieces and classic pieces that can grow with your home.

Curated for quality and versatility

The toughest part about furniture shopping is pouring through endless options without a clue about their quality – so we do that for you. We spend hundreds of hours curating our catalog – hand picking designs, and selecting materials and fabrics piece by piece. We carefully choose items that work when paired together in a variety of ways, so you can mix and match over time. Say goodbye to decision fatigue!

A year in the life of Sophie the Sofa

  1. Oliver decides on Sophie’s design, then works with our manufacturing partner to pick out wood grain, fabric, and cushion fill.

  2. Sophie is made and packed carefully into a container (along with 50 of her best friends), then travels across the ocean to land at a local port.

  3. Sophie is unloaded and transported to our warehouse, where we check that she’s in tip-top shape with the expected color and materials, and then make her available to order on our site.

  4. You order Sophie! She’s so flattered and can’t wait to be your trusty living room sidekick and centerpiece for future game nights and Netflix binges.

  5. Sophie is delivered, assembled and set up in your space by our team of Oliver experts. Let the chilling commence!

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