Furniture belongs in homes, not landfills. That’s why our furniture is made with premium materials that can last a lifetime – and more.

What our conditions really look like

Each piece of furniture and all of its parts are inspected by our team of refurbishment professionals when we receive it back at our warehouse. After refurbishing and cleaning each item, our team will place it in one of two different refurbished condition tiers:

  • Very Good: May have light signs of past use that don’t detract from the aesthetic of the piece. Cosmetic issues may include minor chips, scratches, or slight imperfections.

  • Age-Worn: Moderate, cosmetic wear that doesn’t impair the function of the item. Cosmetic issues may include noticeable scratches, dents, minor tears, or light discoloration.

Here are examples of what you might expect to see with a refurbished item:

Sofa – Very Good (left) vs. Age-Worn (right)

Dresser – Very Good (left) vs. Age-Worn (right)

Our refurbishment process in 3 stages


Each piece of furniture is closely inspected by our in-house team, which consists of experts who specialize in upholstery cleaning, wood repair, and refinishing – anything to ensure the items you receive are in tip-top shape.


Pieces needing repair are sorted into 3 categories:

  • Light repairs – This includes minor nicks, dents, and discoloration that our refurbishment technicians can handle by sanding, filling, refinishing, and replacing parts.

  • Moderate repairs – This includes more challenging cases of scratches, corner damage, and fabric tears. Our resident restoration experts tackle these cases with more than 15 years of experience.

  • Irreparable – This includes very rare cases when a piece is damaged beyond repair. Sadly, these items need to be disposed of.


We put every single piece through a thorough cleaning process:

  • Fabric is dry vacuumed, spot cleaned, industrially steamed, and sanitized.

  • Hard surfaces are sanitized and disinfected.

Our guarantee

We set a high bar for our cleaning, repair, and restoration process. If we can’t get a piece up to Oliver standards, we won’t sell it.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the condition of a piece that you receive on the day of your delivery, we will take it back.

Please note, if an item doesn’t meet expectations, you can request an exchange via your Account Page within 7 days of delivery. We are unable to return or exchange items after 7 days.

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