If you've purchased an item from Oliver Space using Affirm and have decided to exchange it within the allotted exchange window, we'll need you to contact us at [email protected] or chat in from the homepage.

Once our team has received your email or chat, we'll need to set up a pickup for your item(s) that you would like to return, you will be refunded for those items and your Affirm loan will be adjusted once we've received the item(s) back.

You can read more about Affirm's refund timing here!

If you would like a new item delivered to replace the one that you're returning, you'll need to apply for a new loan through Affirm, as new items cannot be added to existing and open Affirm loans.

Our team will be able to waive the $999 cart minimum or $150 delivery trip fee if you schedule the delivery and pickup for the same date!

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